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The Issue on Gun Control

The United States of America is known to be one of the most criminal countries in the world. The most probable reason for that refers to American policies regarding the weapon control. While in some parts of the world the possibility of carrying a weapon is rare, in the USA the practice is widespread. Having a gun is authorized by the law in this country. However, the disputes are caused by the need of adoption of such laws. The US gun policies open access to the means of murder for almost all citizens. Consequently, it becomes easier for people with mental illnesses to seize a gun, either buying it on the black market or having stolen from the citizens who hold it on legal grounds. Weapons should be forbidden since they do not make people safe, do not save lives, but lead to mass shootings, the misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment, and undermine the police reputation.

Guns do not make people safe. The initial purpose of the lethal weapons is to kill. It has been widely used during the war times for the sake of murder. Nowadays, people do not need guns as when the war stops, gun permits should also be dropped. It is ridiculous to expect that violent means will bring world peace. It is necessary to do something with the gun laws that America has today. The legislation acts proved to be ineffective and require revision. Sanburn suggests that the gun sales should be regulated in the country (2015). The proof to that are thousands of deaths caused by weapons all over the world, and the majority of them occur in the USA. Moreover, if to keep them in a place that children can easily get access, they can do harm themselves as well as other people. That is a tremendous fact, and still, it is the American reality. Thus, guns are not associated with safety, but rather put people’s lives in danger.

The issue whether guns save lives rises a strong debate. Nevertheless, weapons take someone’s life, either the criminal’s or the victim’s one. The very idea to own a rifle is not morally right. The opponents of the gun control laws believe that decent citizens should always have a weapon near at hand for the self-defense. However, only a few victims can use weapons in defense because some of them would like to live with a thought of having deprived a person of life. It does not matter whether the person was good or evil, the very fact of murder means everything. Thus, having a gun doesn’t save a life but takes thousands. Nobody is safe until weapons can be bought on a regular basis.

The current gun control laws have led to the situation, which is far from the promising one. Annually there are hundreds of shooters and thousands of shot in the country. Mass shootings became customary. The gun violence can affect anyone. Nobody knows where the mentally unstable potential murderer happens to be tomorrow. In October, for example, a mentally ill man killed nine people at Umpqua Community College (“How many more should die,” 2015). In June, the shooter killed nine parishioners of a black church in South Carolina. In July, the shooting at the Louisiana movie theater have taken place. In August, a reporter and an operator have been killed while they were live on the air (“How many more should die,” 2015). Reporting these things is not easy, but it seems that people gradually get used to such events.

The supporters of gun ownership enhance their statements with the 2nd Amendment. They believe that this bill protects the right to keep and carry weapons. However, the world has changed since the adoption of the 2nd Amendment. Three centuries have passed since then. People have changed, as well as their beliefs, codes of morality, and their ethical considerations. Only a century ago, the incidents with shooting at schools or other public places were not as common as they are today. Perhaps, that is because the 2nd Amendment suited perfectly to the society of that time, but does not work properly in the 21st-century world. There is so much cruelty in the streets of America that guns only strenghten the violence and does not improe the situation. Thus, weapons are not necessary in the modern society.

With for the gun resolution to citizens, they have lost their trust to the police. Nevertheless, they exist for providing a law and order within the country. The police have got specialized education and training to be able to protect their citizens. But instead of absolute trust and gratitude, police officers face people who would rather buy a gun and keep it in the house just in case if the police will not be there for them. Officers put their lives at risk to make this world better for its residents. They are only who should possess weapons as a means of crime control. Thus, gun permits have turned Americans from the upright citizens to the suspicious ones.

To conclude, possessing and carrying weapons are not a good thing for the American society. A gun in hands of a mentally ill person often means death for many decent citizens. Guns neither make people feel safe nor save their lives. With the current US policies, mass shootings became typical of the country. Supporters of gun ownership tend to misinterpret the 2nd Amendment believing that it enables keeping and carrying the weapons. Because of owning a gun, citizens have lost trust to the police and began to rely on that metal weapon too much. All these factors imply the need of more rigid gun controls.


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